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Premium Paint Protection Film in Rockville MD | Capital Wrappers

Protect your vehicle with top-quality paint protection film in Rockville, MD. Capital Wrappers offers superior defense against scratches and rock chips. Contact us today!


Stop Fearing Chips, Scratches, Rocks, Sand, and Salt – Protect Your Vehicle with Capital Wrappers in Rockville, MD

Top Rated Paint Protection Film Clear Bra Installers in Rockville, MD

Worried about scratches and chips ruining your car’s appearance? At Capital Wrappers, we understand your concern. Since 2015, we have been providing Rockville, MD with top-quality Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Clear Bra installations. Our services ensure your vehicle stays pristine, no matter the road conditions.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a highly durable, polyurethane-based film designed to protect your vehicle from harmful road debris. It’s like a second skin for your car, shielding it from scratches, rock chips, and other environmental hazards. We use only the best SunTek PPF, known for its superior quality and longevity. Our expert team ensures a flawless, virtually invisible finish, so your car looks as good as new.

At Capital Wrappers, we cater to your specific needs, offering customized protection for high-impact areas like the hood, bumper, fenders, and more. Whether you need partial coverage or a full wrap, our certified installers provide top-notch service with attention to detail. Protect your investment with trusted PPF solutions from Capital Wrappers, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your vehicle is well-protected. Contact us today for a free quote and keep your car looking vibrant and new for years to come.

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Discover Why SunTek PPF is the Best Choice in Rockville, MD

SunTek Paint Protection Film (PPF) offers excellent protection for vehicles in Rockville, MD. This high-quality film shields against scratches, rock chips, and bird droppings. Its self-healing properties ensure minor scratches disappear, keeping your car looking pristine. With a hydrophobic top coat, SunTek PPF repels water and dirt, making maintenance easy. Combining PPF and ceramic coating technologies, SunTek enhances your car’s appearance while providing robust protection. Choose SunTek at Capital Wrappers for the best paint protection film in Rockville, MD, and nearby areas.


SunTek Ultra Matte PPF offers unique benefits that set it apart from glossy PPF and other protection films. Its smooth matte finish not only provides a distinctive, modern look but also delivers exceptional protection. The self-healing top coat of Ultra Matte ensures minor scratches disappear, maintaining a flawless appearance. Unlike traditional matte paint, Ultra Matte PPF doesn’t require expensive repainting when scratched. The HydroResist™ top coat repels water and dirt, making maintenance easy. Backed by a 10-year limited warranty, SunTek Ultra Matte PPF is a smart choice for those seeking both style and durability. Choose Capital Wrappers in Rockville, MD for expert installation.

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Protect Your Investment with Paint Protection Film

Fill out our quick quote form and our expert PPF installers will provide you with a direct quote ASAP.


Ultimate Scratch and Chip Protection

Our Paint Protection Film (PPF) offers superior defense against minor scratches from daily encounters, such as shopping carts or tree branches. The self-healing properties ensure that small scratches disappear, maintaining your vehicle’s pristine look. Additionally, our PPF protects your car from rock chips and road debris.

Chemical and Environmental Defense

Protect your car from bird droppings, bug splatter, and other harsh chemicals with our high-quality PPF, including trusted brands like XPEL. Our PPF resists these elements, keeping your vehicle free from unsightly marks and preserving its beautiful finish.

Boost Your Car's Resale Value

Maintaining your vehicle’s paint can significantly enhance its resale value. Buyers prefer a well-protected car, making it more attractive in the market.

Virtually Invisible Protection

Our PPF is nearly invisible, allowing your car’s original paint to shine through beautifully while providing robust protection. We wrap all the edges to make sure you cannot see the film.

Self-Healing Technology

PPF features self-healing properties that make minor scratches and swirl marks disappear. This innovative feature ensures your car maintains a flawless finish over time.

UV Shield for Your Paint

Protect your car from harmful UV rays. Our PPF prevents paint fading and damage, keeping your vehicle looking vibrant and new.

Custom Coverage Options

Choose from a variety of coverage options tailored to your needs. Protect high-impact areas like the hood, bumper, fenders, and more for complete peace of mind.

Effortless Maintenance

Enjoy easy maintenance with our hydrophobic PPF. Water, dirt, and bird droppings slide off effortlessly, making your car easy to clean and maintain. No need to spend double on a PPF and a ceramic coating, our PPF will do both.

Weather-Resistant Shield

Our PPF is designed to perform well in various weather conditions, ensuring your car remains spotless and protected year-round.