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  • Step 1: Deep Clean

    We start with a thorough hand wash and paint correction. This prepares a flawless surface, essential for a bubble-free application.

  • Step 2: Precision Cut

    Our experts precisely cut the PPF to fit every contour of your vehicle. We make sure to use extra film to ensure no edges are visible and that you have perfect coverage.

  • Step 3: Perfect Fit

    We meticulously fit the film, ensuring it conforms to all surfaces. This step guarantees comprehensive protection from road debris and scratches.

  • Step 4: Bonding Solution

    We apply a special solution to activate the adhesive. This ensures a strong bond and durable protective layer.

  • Step 5: Seamless Application

    The PPF is positioned carefully, with a squeegee used to eliminate bubbles. Attention to detail ensures a flawless finish.

  • Step 6: Final Dry

    The film is left to dry completely, solidifying its bond. This final step ensures the PPF is durable and resistant to light scratches.