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  • Initial Consultation:

    We begin with a consultation to understand your needs. Our expert team will recommend the best ceramic or carbon window tint options for your vehicle.

  • Window Tint Removal:

    If needed, we remove any old and worn-out window film from your car

  • Preparation:

    We meticulously clean your car windows to remove any dirt or debris. This step ensures a smooth application.

  • Precise Cutting:

    Using advanced technology, we cut the window tint film to match the exact dimensions of your car windows. This ensures a perfect fit.

  • Application:

    Our skilled installers carefully apply the tint film, ensuring there are no bubbles or imperfections. We use high-quality adhesives to ensure long-lasting results.

  • Final Inspection:

    After installation, we inspect the windows to ensure the tint is applied flawlessly. We make any necessary adjustments to guarantee top-quality work.